Our Mission

Our Mission: Creating the First "Guilt Free" Product

The advent of computers and the internet has expanded mankind's ability to access information. Now humans can access any and all information at the touch of a few buttons, however this leads to an interesting dilemma: we are exposed to everything.

What seemed like great products are now being exposed to having unclear moral motives. Is it ok to buy a pair of shoes now knowing that it was made by child labor? It it ok to buy a bottle of water now knowing that the water came from an increasingly depleting water table in California and the plastic bottle is made of a fossil fuel that contributes to climate change? 

Here at ClimateCloth, we are committed to addressing every single negative externality that we place on the world around us. As we grow, we commit to having an independent organization review every single aspect of our supply chain and how it impacts our world. Our cloths and shipping boxes caused a tree to be cut down? We'll plant two. Shipping caused 5 tons of CO2 to be emitted into the environment? We'll invest into organizations/technologies who will take that and more out of the environment.

Long are the days of greenwashing, we promise to be accountable for every aspect of our production because, in the end, there is only one Earth.

That is why, for our initial product release, we will be donating proceeds to Feeding America, an organization that feeds families who are food-insecure during this coronavirus epidemic. Although we do not have the current resources to pay for an independent organization to review our supply chains, we hope to use this initial fundraising efforts to convince those of the sincerity of our mission.