Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I use my ClimateCloth?

ClimateCloths are designed to keep you cool and safe during your workout. Here is our recommended way to best use your ClimateCloth:

  1. Ensure that the cloth and cooling container are properly cleaned before use
  2. Pour cold water onto the cloth to ensure its coolness (for extra coolness we recommend putting a few ice cubes into the cooling container)
  3. Wring out any excess water from the cloth
  4. Roll up and place the cloth into the cooling container
  5. Screw the top onto the container and start your workout! :D


How do I clean my ClimateCloth?

Given we are in a pandemic, we recommend cleaning your ClimateCloth after every use, which is why we designed our ClimateCloths to be easily cleaned.

The cloth is washing machine safe, however we advise against placing it into the dryer. The cloth will dry out itself. If using bleach with your cloth, we recommend running water and wringing it out a few times to get any residue bleach out of the cloth.

The cooling container is not dishwasher safe. We highly recommend washing it by hand.


How much of my purchase goes to Feeding America?

We are hoping to donate around $3000 total to Feeding America, but it mainly depends on how much we sell in the initial round. We have to initially cover the costs of the product (the first 200 purchases) so after that point, a great portion of the sales will go to Feeding America. The best way to make sure your purchase goes to Feeding America is to recommend it to a friend!


Do you sell just the cooling container/cloth?

To experience the full abilities of the ClimateCloth, we only sell the cloth and cooling container bundled together currently. Sorry about that!


Are there colors other than white?

Unfortunately, as a money-strapped college student, I could only afford to provide white ClimateCloths, but we plan on expanding to light blue and green in the future! The best way for us to expand our catalog is to recommend us to a friend! 


What is your return policy?

Having a strong relationship with our customers is our number one priority so we offer a 100% money back guarantee with the completion of a survey for any products that do not meet your expectations. If you would like to return your product, please contact us at or at 404-801-5648. Keep in mind that I am a 21-year-old with a 9-5pm internship so it may take a little bit for me to reach back out.


What is GreenQual LLC?

GreenQual is the parent company that owns ClimateCloth. I (the owner) set that up so that I could expand past cooling cloths in the distant future.